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Saheli Women

We found the Saheli Women while looking for a suitable manufacturing partner and the admiration for the project was instant! We loved their vision, their work and when we went to visit them, it was a clear yes, we wanted to be part of this beautiful empowering project.

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Debut of Kahani Dor

I have been meaning to write this post as I want to tell you a bit about myself and also about Kahani Dor and how it all started.First of all, my discovery of India over 12 years ago, in my early twenties, I was immediately drawn to this exotic country. My fascination was such that I made it my home for 5 years! First to study, then to work and finally for love. It was an incredible journey and I felt very lucky to be exposed to so many new experiences. This relationship with India became even more meaningful and permanent when I married my husband 7 years ago. From then on, I knew that Kahani Dor would one day...

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Handwoven Fabric

Join us in the world of handloom! Learn about the importance of handloom fabric in India and why we choose to use this fabric for our products.

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