About us

Kahani Dor – A Thread of life.

Kahani means story and Dor is the hindi word for thread. We see ourselves as an ethical lifestyle brand that works in reviving the handicraft in rural India and by doing so offer a chance for families to make a dignified living and stay together in their native villages.

We work with ancient spinning, weaving and printing techniques to create a unique and high quality natural fabric. Our products are then designed and produced hand in hand with professional sewers from small factories or family run workshops in India.

We believe that it is high time to bethink the quality and value of the clothes and apparels we wear on an everyday basis.

When talking about ethical, ecological and fair traded textiles and fashion it is always difficult to make a point and find the right compromise between ideology and the market realities. We at Kahani Dor focus on the following two aspects:

  1. Clothes are valuable, they shouldn’t be a commodity. We design and produce intelligent and timeless garment out of high quality textiles. By choosing a piece of clothes you will wear and love for a very long time, you ultimately reduce your impact in the fast fashion industry. We believe that slow fashion is an attitude easy to adapt when you choose the right products.
  1. The fabric of which your garment is made has a story to tell – an interesting and concerning one. The journey from the cotton bulb to the neatly packet you’ll receive from us is long and tedious. Be curious and open your eyes to know about the process of creating a piece of clothing, then only by knowing how it’s done you’ll be able to differentiate and make a better choice for you and the future.

Kahani Dor will bring you closer to the rich heritage of Indian textile, inspire with colourful prints and provide you with favourite pieces.