Saheli Women

Saheli Women

We found the Saheli Women while looking for a suitable manufacturing partner and the admiration for the project was instant! We loved their vision, their work and when we went to visit them, it was a clear yes, we wanted to be part of this beautiful empowering project.

Saheli, the Hindi word for “female friend,” reflects their enthusiasm for empowering women through economic self-sufficiency.

Their mission is to create employment for women in ethical fashion manufacturing to derive a sustainable livelihood that benefits themselves, their families and their communities.

To achieve this, they support women by teaching them traditional and modern embroidery and sewing techniques. Their studio is a fear-free, creative workplace where women have the freedom to choose their own working hours and holidays.

Saheli Women is a social enterprise for ethical fashion run by IPHD India in the village of Bhikamkor in rural Rajasthan, India. It employs over 35 rural women and provides them with fair wages, health insurance coverage and a safe working environment without discrimination based on gender, religion or caste.

In addition, IPHD sponsors the education of all Saheli Women members' daughters, runs the only women's clinic in the village and offers workshops on a range of topics including human rights, feminism, menstrual hygiene, health and financial literacy.

Read more about Saheli Women here.

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