Cotton paper used als gift wrapping paper

Beautiful eco-friendly wrapping paper

Diwali and Christmas are just around the corner, and both are very important festivals in India and Switzerland respectively. They are often important family gatherings, and the exchange of gifts plays a big part in both celebrations. While gifting among adults has reduced, children still love to get gifts. And we understand, there is something magical about gifting and receiving a beautifully wrapped present hiding a little surprise. 

So we thought about how we could have a more environment friendly choice for giftwrapping paper with an Indian story and came across cotton paper. Right away we thought that we had found our alternative to tree cutting paper - up-cycled cloth waste wrapping paper!

Aligned with our philosophy to revive old crafts, this is an old upcycling craft that has been used for centuries. The process is made entirely by hand using the pulp of old cotton rugs, that are themselves made out of textile waste. Once the paper is prepared, it is printed with gold, white or other colors using block printing, an old craft as well. The result is a beautiful wrapping paper that has a story you can share. Tell the story everytime and make it even more special. You can find the whole collection of papers and cards in our online shop under the following link.

We wish you all a wonderful festive season and lots of fun gift wrapping :)

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