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Kahani Dor

Table Cloth

Table Cloth

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Our table cloths are hand-printed on 100% cotton using a generations-old technique called block printing. Every color and/or shape is made with a different block.

We love to use them as a table cloth, throw or picnic blanket. Wherever you use them, they will surely be noticed.

Guaranteed chemical free and printed with non-toxic ink - eco-friendly ink. Some irregularities in print may occur, they are part of a handmade product.

Rectangular Size 1: 150x225 cm fits a table of 90-100x160-180cm

Rectangular Size 2: 125x240cm fits a table of 80-90x-180-200cm

Square Size 150x150 cm

Care: Machine wash on gentle cycle to keep the colour crisp

Feel free to get in touch if you require another size. 

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