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Kahani Dor

Real Pashmina from Lena Ladakh

Real Pashmina from Lena Ladakh

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This exclusive Pashmina wool is harvested by nomads from the Changthang plateau, which is at an altitude of over 4000m in the Ladakh region of India.
The Pashmina goats from this region, due to it very harsh winter conditions, have hair which are extremely fine and insulating, giving us this exquisite quality wool.

Handspun, Handplied, Handwoven & Natural dyed in a course of 15 days by women artisans at Lena's atelier in Ladakh. They come in a beautiful handmade pouch.

Care: natural fiber regains freshness with just fresh air. Do aerate your product to reduce washing turns and extend its life. When you do need to wash your product, wash it with cold water using natural soap only. Do not wring or twist, do not hang and let it dry on a flat surface.

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